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Ladies on Ludlow

Feb 20, 2019

episode #20

Daniel Silverstein is the Founder of zero waste daniel... a uni-sex, zero-waste, athleisure fashion brand. the collections are fabricated completely from pre-consumer waste from new york’s garment industry in a transparent brooklyn storefront factory.

in this episode you will hear:

  • why and how Daniel went form designing cocktail and red carpet dresses for celebrities, to creating zero waste daniel
  • what sustainability and zero-waste mean to him... in business and personal life
  • his thoughts about the current state of the fashion industry
  • his 3 best business tips
  • about his collaborations... and
  • how thinking outside the boxand staying true to your valuesalways pays off

“i can’t need to make work that hurts people, or oppresses people, that makes someone hate their body or their face, or that polluted someones water. i’m willing to work with what we’ve got, i don’t care how long it takes, i care that you look good. i care that its made here, that it’s made fair.” - Daniel Silverstein