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Ladies on Ludlow

Jul 10, 2019

as i am deepening my spiritual journey and experimenting with different methods to heal and grow while living the new-york-hustle i have decided to share stories of how i incorporate my spiritual practice into my day-to-day life. 

this episode is about how my spiritual lessons helped me survive a stressful...

May 22, 2019

Ruoyi Jiang is the founder and owner of Chop Suey Club in Lower East side, a boutique with a unique curation of contemporary chinese designs. she talks about how culture is something that needs to be experienced and is no longer "inherited", but a choice.

Apr 4, 2019

#23 Vivien Ong is a model from singapore. i met her as a cheerful and warm yogi and was surprised to hear that she was diagnosed with depression at age 13. a traumatic experience while hospitalized made her consciously want to start her healing journey. she talks about how she healed form self-mutilation, anorexia, and...

Mar 20, 2019

Hope Alcocer is a women’s empowerment advocate and an award-winning entrepreneur. she simultaneously launched her consulting business and a women’s empowerment online magazine at age 22 after suffering a traumatic brain injury and was unable to hold down a typical 9-to-5 at the time. Hope tells us how two broken...

Mar 7, 2019

episode #21

Romana Soutus is a queer, playwright and performer. i met them when i overheard them talking about how they became a playwright to wright roles for strong, queer and fem individuals. they share their story of growing up in three cultures and how it affects how they think and express themselves.they also...