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Ladies on Ludlow

Mar 7, 2019

episode #21

Romana Soutus is a queer, playwright and performer. i met them when i overheard them talking about how they became a playwright to wright roles for strong, queer and fem individuals. they share their story of growing up in three cultures and how it affects how they think and express themselves.they also...

Feb 20, 2019

episode #20

Daniel Silverstein is the Founder of zero waste daniel... a uni-sex, zero-waste, athleisure fashion brand. the collections are fabricated completely from pre-consumer waste from new york’s garment industry in a transparent brooklyn storefront factory.

in this episode you will hear:

  • why and how Daniel went...

Feb 8, 2019

Non Kuramoto is a japanese actor, comedian, writer, and feminist-art-slut. she uses laughter and absurdity as tools to elevate voices of asian women, experimenting with various art forms to find the funny. Non made her off-broadway debut in the sex myth: a devised play. her play, the fart play (i'm sad): a dance, was...

Jan 22, 2019

Jessica Kelly is the founder of Thr3efold. Jessica worked in the fashion industry for companies like Alexander Wang, Oscar de la Renta, to name a few, but after a trip to Zimbabwe, where she visited factories, she saw that there is a problem that she just had to find a way to fix. the problem is not the lack of...

Jan 2, 2019

have you ever wondered what a "digital nomad" is, what they do, or maybe how to be one? Cat will answer all those questions and tell her story: why and how she grew her successful business, as an artist and educator, while being location-independent.